Pijpelink Genealogy

Welcome on the genealogy website from the Pijpelink family !

I've tryed to keep this website simple , clear and specially practical without any unnecessary clipart etc
Because there are many (male) names in the familytree where no further information could be found on,there are possibly more relatives who are not in the familytree yet,and who knows where they live .We are curious where the reactions will come from !
All new familymembers or corrections or new information can me send to me by CLICKING HERE .

Spelling from the familyname comes in many varieties, it depended very clearly from the one who made the note in the (church) archives how he wrote it down. I found the next while i was searching : Sijpeling- Pupeling- Pupelink- Pijpelink- Pijpeling- Pijpelings- Pijpelinck- Pijpelinckx- Pijpelincx- Puipeling- Puipelink- Pupelink- van Puipeling- Puppelinck- de Pijpeling- van Pupeling- van Puipeling- Puijpelink- Puppelinck- van de Pijpeling- Pippeling- Pepeling and Pypelink . Others are also possible.

With the help from the internet more and more information is found. Now on October 3-2004 i found on the internet a Pijpelink in New York, his Grandfather arrived there in 1906. More information from this (untill now) unknown relatives will follow. Their familyname is spelled as "Pypelink" .

The archives who are at this moment accessible on the internet are from the year 1800 to 1920, earlyer years are not yet available on the internet. As soon as also these are accessible there will be many more added to the familytree.

Untill now there are a few familymembers or children from a female familymember found in Amerika, Canada, Australie, Nieuw-Zeeland and also in the Philippines there seems to live one.